What is your blog all about?

When suddenly, after a series of events that led Mr. Blog owner also known as Xyrick, to go to abroad to work and found a job that requires him to work every Sunday to Thursday, 8:30am - 5:30pm, which eventually gives him a lot of free time.

He then turns to his computer to watch movies, series and listen to music which he does to lessen his boredom and kill some time. Sadly, even though he wanted to waste time, he doesn't want to waste time on stuff that doesn't interest him. As big and wide as the internet maybe, He is not that efficient and great at finding websites that offers reviews just for his sake. Thus, resulting in creating this Blog at exactly November 1, 2012.

This blog will serve as a review for those movies, series and even music that he had encountered and has sensed by his brain and commanded him that it was right to waste time on it. It will also feature stuff that he had seen and his thoughts which he cannot say when he is in the real world.

Scope of your blog?

As stated earlier, this blog will serve as a review for all the movies, series and music he encounters and at the same time will contain all his thought and opinion in life. It will also include wallpapers that he and his sister, Milfeulle30, had made over the past.

This blog will also not make a per episode review and will only contain reviews for those anime / movies that is finished / ended finished and on going. Manga review will be no more also but will be featured, if his brain sensed that he must.


When he was convinced that he wanted to create a blog for his own needs, He was also thinking about his goal in life, mainly, he also wanted to be a pianist, but sadly, because of financial problem and his thinking that it might add to their worries, he insisted on just studying and finish his degree. But after going abroad and having free time, he came to realize his dream again and had decided to atleast learn how to play. Thus, resulting for him to name his blog to always remind him to never stop.

Rating system:

1 - Worse
2 - Almost worse
3 - Not sure
4 - fine
5 - Good
6 - Average
7 - Nice
8 - Great
9 - Awesome
10 - You should watch this!

Last greeting words?

Overall, for all that will be reading this blog.. I hope that you find this blog helpful and entertaining in some way. I hope to find people that has the same interest as mine and I am willing to give any comments and advise, as well as I am open in any suggestion and complaints that I might've violated.

For any email me @

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