Middle East Film Comic Con 2014

Tiring but Hell yeah! I had a great experience with me always saying " look at that!"


Stein's Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu


Rintaro Okabe, the mad scientist and after being able to crossed different world lines, had successfully arrived at the right timeline he had aimed, whereas both Mayuri Shiina and Kurisu Makise is alive and everything is peaceful. But because of his exposure to the different timelines the memories from his brain starts to overflow which triggers his sometimes disappearance and in turn, might dangerously erase his very existence. 

Now its up to his friends to help him and uncover how to stop the mad scientist from being erase from their timeline.


Kotonoha no Niwa - Garden of Words


Takao Akizuki is a 15 years old boy who has lived his life dreaming to become a shoemaker and often skipped school every time it rains. He always stayed at the garden shed to sketch his shoe design. 

One day he saw a well dressed woman, drinking beer with some chocolates, staying in the same shed. The woman caught his attention after she said some Tanka (Japanese poetry) and whenever it would rain they would meet at the usual place which resulted for them developing an unusual feeling.


Uchuu Kyoudai - Space Brothers


Nanba Mutta, being born on the day called tragedy of Doha, when the whole Japan was saddened by the loss of their soccer team in the World Cup, he was decided that his life would be unlucky and that he would experience many hardships in life. On the other hand, his brother, Nanba Hibito, who was born on the day that Nomo, a baseball player made an accomplishment called no-hitter / shutout, which made the whole Japan cheered for glory. Mutta, was convinced that his brother would be the opposite of him.

In the summer of 2006, They both saw a supposed to be UFO which flied towards the moon. Both amazed and mystified, they decided that they would be astronauts and would step to the moon together. Nineteen years later, Nanba Hibito became a full pledge astronaut and the first Japanese to be assigned to go to the moon, while his brother, Nanaba Mutta, had just been unemployed after headbutting his boss. Desperate about his life, he starts to reminisce about his dream when suddenly one day, he receives a letter from JAXA, saying that he was chosen to be one of the Astronaut candidate. Thus, continuing his dream to reach the moon together with his brother.




Hiyori Iki is a normal high school student and has a normal life before her life had changed after she was hit by a bus for saving a jersey wearing man, which in turn gave her soul an ability to be separated from her body without notice. Determined to cure her abnormality, he turns to the man who she saved. Whih turns out to be a God and a man who calls himself as Yato God, a man who dreams of building his own shrine and charges 5 yen for every request.

Together, they uncover the strange abnormality that is happening within her while being dragged more into the world of Gods and discovering Yato's past.