Middle East Film Comic Con 2014

Tiring but Hell yeah! I had a great experience with me always saying " look at that!"

After months of waiting for my Job application and finally being able to receive my working visa application, I decided to try something new, attend a cosplay event! Luckily I had been able to meet a friend who also likes to attend this kind of things which is fun, because I had someone who can picture for me and vice versa.

The Middle East Film Comic Con or MEFCC is done at Dubai every year, inviting popular artist, cosplayers and even foreign actors which makes this event one of the biggest. I really really really really wanted to meet Alodia Gosienfao when they invited her last 2013, but because of my financial stability I couldn't go, which is such a same.

Anyways, I attended the second day (friday) event and boy the line was very long. I came at exactly 1:30pm and got inside at 2:00+....Others are just buying tickets and took longer, fortunately I got mine at one of the branches of Virgin Store.

Inside, you can instantly feel the Otaku vibe, and it was insane seeing the life size Iron man Suits! very cool!

There were also chuckie dolls which were awesome but very expensive! If I remember correctly it was between 200 - 300 AED.
Photo by Horseradish :P
I really wanted one of those! tsk... anyways again, every hour that passes by, it seems like there were more cosplayers coming, so we decided to walk around and start hunting for them to take their picture... and look I saw a big KODAMA! lol!

There were also different kinds of cosplayers from the almost naked Tarzan up to the most hardcore ones from Alice! which was sooooo coool! There were also too many cosplayers of Elsa from the Disney animation film " FROZEN". I didn't expect to see so much adult cosplayers there and for the first time I saw a Kalisi from Game of thrones cosplayer! We were specially looking for Ms. Yaya Han, which was said to be one of the most popular cosplayer around the world.We saw her later at the competition and although she was short, she was cute and a bit shy... :D

oh! only shot and was ruined by my finger O_o
I also saw some of my favorite characters from Silent Hill and Naruto, Kakashi and friends! yay! We also saw Miou Fujnaga, a crowned Top Asian fashion singer and we slowly went to thru the crowd just to take a picture of her and she was cool and nice about it! :P

As I said, we saw Ms. Han at the competition, together with all the cosplayers and it was really entertaining to see them perform and play out their characters which such dedication. I personally liked the Silent Hill performance which includes the Pyramid Head guy winning and killing Cybil Bennett! :D
Silent Hill performance!
Overall it was cool and I might see the MEFCC again if I get to see Alodia Gosienfao, O_O, anyways, the day ended with me having a back pain! blaming my oldness and my inability to stand straight for longer than 3-5 hours.... >_< maybe I'll go see a doctor one of these days.

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