Terms and Condition


1.) If you use my vector, please credit me if used or at least link back to this blog.
2.) Do not use the wallpapers and PNG for commercial purposes or money gaining activities unless given permission by me.
3.) You are free to use / alter the PNG as you like but you need to give credit as stated in no.1
4.) Do not remove my signature in any of my wallpaper and PNG, submitting it to other site and claiming it as your own.
5.) You can download the pictures in the " Photography section " and use it as your desktop wallpaper only. It is strictly forbidden to submit it to other site and claim it as your own. If you want to alter or use it other than a wallpaper, please get my approval first.


I do not own the content of this site unless stated. If you want something to be removed in my site please contact me and I will remove it, if it is in violation with the world wide web law.

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