Hiyori Iki is a normal high school student and has a normal life before her life had changed after she was hit by a bus for saving a jersey wearing man, which in turn gave her soul an ability to be separated from her body without notice. Determined to cure her abnormality, he turns to the man who she saved. Whih turns out to be a God and a man who calls himself as Yato God, a man who dreams of building his own shrine and charges 5 yen for every request.

Together, they uncover the strange abnormality that is happening within her while being dragged more into the world of Gods and discovering Yato's past.

Rating: 9 / 10 - Awesome


With the right amount of mysteriousness, unique storyline and nice character design, I got really hooked into watching this anime. This is one of those anime that has an interesting first episode that will make you want to watch the next one without being able to guess what might happen.

I recommend watching this anime, if you want something refreshing in the storyline and definitely not boring.



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