Sequel to Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari centers mainly on Koyomi’s two younger sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, also known as the Fire sisters, who dedicate themselves in fighting for justice.

The first chapter will be more about the arrival of a mysterious man, who threatens the safety of his sisters, particularly, Karen, whom was given a supernatural sickness called Wreathe Fire Bee. Koyomi, must now figure out a way to stop him with the help of his girlfriend, Senjogahara, to figure out a cure and prevent further supernatural events from happening.

The second chapter will focus mainly on his youngest sister, Tsukihi, and the arrival of two new characters, who wants to kill her. It’s up to Koyomi again, this time with the help of his vampire partner, to convince the two strangers in not killing his beloved youngest sister.


I thought there wasn’t going to be any continuation of Bakemonogatari, If there was I was thinking it would be like Bakemonogatary season 2 or Bakemonogatari ( insert caption here )… So after learning that it was renamed to Nisemonogatari, I downloaded it right away and it was still worth it.

The artwork and background was as neat and minimized as before and the character was limited. The music was also as sneaky and mysterious as before. New characters added a new flavor and provided a longer story. Be ready for the scene where they will use a toothbrush for a bet! It was really weird and freaky but was really funny! You can also see Koyomi’s vampire partner to not only talk to him but also Bathed with him O_O

Overall, if you enjoyed Bakemonogatari, then surely, you will enjoy watching this one. Certainly a must see anime.

Rating: 8 / 10 - Great


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