K Project


Yashiro Isana is a carefree man, who always have cat with him and seems to get along very well with all his classmate, when suddenly he was spotted and attacked by the Red clan because he was convicted of killing one of their clan member. Confused, Yashiro desperately run for his life and in the process meeting Kuroh, also known as the Black Dog. He tells him that he did not kill the man and that he is innocent.

To further confirm whether or not he is innocent or not, Kuroh, agreed to protect Yashiro until proven guilty. Thus, The start of their search for the evidence that will prove that he is innocent and uncovering the real murderer's identity.


Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching this one even though the story seems to be confusing at first and the story seems to start without even any explanation of what is going on. It feels like I'm watching an anime from the ending to start and then starting again. For me it was really refreshing and uncommon. I suggest watching every episode if you truly want to understand why things are happening. On the other hand, I really loved the ending song by Mikako Komatsu - Tsumetai Heya and I love the PV. Sexy Neko!!!

The Artworks is also nice and clean, I also loved the fighting scenes, not to fast and not to slow, and you can see every move. Overall, This anime is a nice series although I seemed to crave a bit more and was not contented on the ending.. seriously, they have to make a second season.

Rating: 7 / 10 - Nice


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