Blast of Tempest ( Zetsuen no Tempest )


Yoshino Takigawa is a normal highschool student living a normal life together with Mahiro Fuwa and her step sister, Aika Fuwa, When suddenly her sister was killed for an unknown reason. Mahiro, Full of rage, promised to find the killer and avenge her sister's death.

Upon his search, he encounters a doll which happen to be a communication device used by Hakaze Kusaribe, a princess of the Genesis clan, who happens to be stranded in a deserted island. Kusaribe, who is in search for someone to help her, negotiated with Mahiro in a condition that she will help her find the killer of his step sister.  On certain circumstances, he crossed path again with Yoshino takigawa at the same time when a mysterious event happened in their town, turning all the people  to stone.Yoshino, without anywhere to go, decided to help his friend to find the killer and uncover the mysteries that has been happening in their town.


First episode was really interesting and so on, which made me an instant fan. The drawing was really clean and character design was very appealing. The story, being a bit psychological was a plus and with every episode having a mystery will make you want to watch it up to the very end. Character's also used lines from shakespear's novel which made it a bit classy and a bit emo, short for emotional and the ending has a nice twist but can be easily guessed.

Overall, this series is one of the best I've watched this year and certainly a must watch.

Rating: 8 / 10 - Great


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