D-Gray Man


The Millennium Earl shows himself to anyone who is grieving and grants them a wish to revive their dead loved ones. But in exchange the dead will be trapped and will take the form of the person who wished them to be reborn and live as a demon, continuously killing humans in order to have more power.

On the Other hand, Allen Walker, a boy who his friend had died (Mana Walker), made a contract to the Millennium Earl to bring him back to life. Upon granting his wish, the soul became trapped and was about to kill Allen when miraculously, inside him is an innocence, a power which could be used to kill and save the soul of the demons. He then uses the power to exorcist his friend.

Upon knowing that he made a wrong decision, he decided to be an exorcist to fight and save the soul of the people who became demon and stop the Millennium Earl in creating more demons, never stopping, always going forward.


Consistent Art, cute girls and a unique storyline mixed with an awesome music, D Gray man certainly is one of those anime that you will watch continuously up to the end and when you get there you will surely want more.  Each episode, being like a mission, doesn’t get boring and every episode gives you a piece of what’s missing in the story. Each new character’s appearances are also just right and will not make the story complicated.  One thing I hate about this is that they finished the story without even revealing some of the main things and that the Antagonist still lives. Well, I hope they made a continuation, because this is certainly one of the anime that I will certainly be on the lookout if ever it does continue.

Rating: 8 / 10 - Great


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