Dead Man Wonderland


Everything seems to be just going well for Ganta Igarashi, when suddenly his whole class was massacred by a mysterious robe man except him. Having no other witness and evidence from the killer, Ganta, was suspected on murdering his entire class and was judged and sentenced to death.

He was sent to a prison like theme park called the Dead Man Wonderland, where all criminal must wear a collar that injects poison into their body. The only thing that can save them is by partaking in entertaining the audiences in a survivor like game which includes risking their life and fighting one another to obtain money and a candy like medicine that will further extend their life from the poison. 

Upon Arrival, He meets a mysterious white girl named, Shiro, who then became his partner and ally inside the prison. Thus, he and Shiro, must now face all the challenges and the discover the one responsible for the murder.


It was kinda frustrating at first considering that all the people will blame him and then he acts like a coward boy! But as the story progresses it becomes more interesting and the appearance of characters is something to look forward. Bad thing about this, is that the story is too short, It would be better to read the manga.

Rating: 6 / 10 - Average


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