Guilty Crown


A resistance in the country known as Funeral parlor were formed to bring back the Japan's freedom. Inori Yuzurihara, a member of a popular internet band known as Egoist and who works together with the resistance, was being chased the the GHQ, an organization sent by the UN, and was deeply wounded. She found refuge in a workshop which happens to be the meeting place of the film club. Shou Ouma, being a member of the club, found Inori. 

Unable to continue, she instructed him to deliver a substance contained in a vial for the resistance. Upon certain circumstances, the GHQ chased him and the vial accidentally shatters on his arm causing him to have an ability known as the "Power of the kings", an ability that can bring out void from people. The resistance then, invited him to be a part of group and thus the start of his journey to help the resistance and learn more about his ability and uncovers the reason the resistance was formed.


First episode was just great! The music instantly captured my attention and combining it, with an attractive character design made me more interested in the story. The plot was also catchy and was very unique. This was certainly one of the best anime I have ever watched.

Rating: 9 / 10 - Awesome


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