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Kyoko Mogami is a sixteen years old girl who since childhood spent a large amount of her life living with Shotaro Fuwa in his parent's inn. She is also madly in love with him and devotes her life in supporting him until, one day, he became one of the top idol in Japan.

One day, she overheard Shotaro complaining to his manager about her and confesses that he is not in love with her and he only wishes to stay with her because of money and to have someone act like a maid. Furious with him, she vowed to take revenge and promised to beat him in show business by becoming one of the most popular idol in Japan. With no experience or background in acting and only knowing housework, she then turns to Shotaro's rival agency, the L.M.E, and participate in one of the audition. Thus the start of her battle to become one of the most popular teen idol in Japan and uncovering her true potential.


I did't expect this to be entertaining! even though the drawing wasn't quite appealing the humor in the story really made me laugh and the main character's trait is very appealing. It was also fun to see her fight her way through the show business and the way she solves every obstacle is unpredictable, for me, which is good and made me excited. Overall, this anime is great and fun to watch.

 Rating: 8 / 10 - Great


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