Summer Wars

Summer Wars

Kenji Koiso, a High School student who identifies himself, as good only at mathematics, was invited by his Senpai, Natsuki Shinohara, for a Part time job, which is to come and meet up with her family to celebrate her grandmother’s 90th birthday.  

There, a message was sent to him thru mail which requires decoding, thus, solving it overnight. The next day everything seems to be in chaos as the now widely used system infrastructure was hacked by an Artificial Intelligence named Love Machine. Regretting that he helped Love Machine, Kenji is now determined to find a way how to defeat and restore the entire infrastructure and at the same time stopping it from doing a catastrophic event with the help of Natsuki’s family and friends.


I was really pleased at how the artwork was drawn, very simple yet very clean. The movements of the character is very smooth and the flow of the story is great and unique. Background was also done awesome and you can see that even the small details was taken careful attention. The ending for me was great and it left an impression in me that I have to watch it again and ask for a part 2.

Overall, this movie is greatly done and certainly one of the top quality anime movies I have seen.

Rating: 7 / 10 - Nice

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