Sword Art Online - Aincrad


Nerve gear, the first virtual console where players can experience online gaming to a new level, was just released to the public wherein 10,000 Players took part in playing the game. However, the game suddenly turned into a terrifying event when the creator, Kayaba Akihiko suddenly appeared and trapped the players and declared that the only way to escape the game was to reach the 100th floor and defeat the final boss without losing in the game, for it would mean actual death in real life.

On the other Hand, Kirigaya also known as Kirito, was a BETA tester and a soloist, aims to defeat the bosses in each levels for them to be free.  He then later meets Asuna, an expert player, who then later becomes his partner and the one who will help him to finish quests and reach the final level.


It was confusing at first, because in the first 1-5 episode there will be huge skip in the story and suddenly the main character was leveled up and players start to form groups. But after that, the story will be clear, the storyline will be flowing smoothly and supporting characters will start to appear helping the lead male character in his quests. The artwork is cute and the background is nice although, I was not satisfied with the scene on each level, I expected a much more fantasy like setting but it was just right to help deliver the story.

Overall, I must say, the storyline wasn’t original but how they presented the story was interesting and exciting. Certainly, one of the anime that you should try to watch whether or not you like online games.

Rating: 8 /10 - Great




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