Ubel Blatt / Evil Blade

Volume 1 Cover of Ubel Blatt


Ascheriit, a renowned Master swordsman in his time, went on a quest with 13 chosen ruling emperor to restore the peace in their land. But as they were in near end of their quest 11 were left and 7 backed out, fearing for their lives, on the other hand, Ascheriit, with 3 other brave ruler, continued the quest and successfully came back but was ambushed by the 7 others, thus, creating a lie and making them the Seven heroes while the Ascheriit with his 3 comrades being a symbol of betrayal and treachery became the Lance of Betrayal.

After 20 years, Ascheriit, was revived but in a body of an elf who calls himself  Koinzell and vows to kill and take revenge on the 7 Heroes.


The story wasn't really intriguing at first, I thought this was going to be an all adult Manga with lot of ecchi-ness and the artwork isn't really bad, so I tried to read this just to pass some time. I can say that the first chapter, I was instantly hooked because of the ecchiness! (lol) and the character being not so ordinary and having an interesting storyline.

As you read further, the story will become complicated and the ecchi-ness will be seldom. Their past story will each be unfold and secrets will be revealed. There will also be characters popping out, adding up to the suspense of the story and short fight scenes. ( for me it was short )

Overall, The manga is nice, has a good artwork, can deliver you an interesting story. I suggest reading this for those who are looking for a medieval -fantasy like manga.

Rating: 7 / 10 - Nice

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