TOP 10 Psychological Manga

Feeling really bored and having watched almost all the latest anime episode in the net.. I decided to succumb myself to reading Manga. Turns out, the feeling is the same, but you have to constantly click the mouse for you to view every page, >_<

Thus, My Top 10 Psychological Manga Recommendation for this week was born!

10. Underdog

At first, this manga seems to be your typical main character, boring life, nothing seems to be going great for him and he wants to take suicide and peeping tom kinda of thing.. But as the story progresses, the character is change from a suicidal person to a person who wants to stay alive and protects his family.

On the other hand, the drawing is average compared to some of the manga I've read, but is can be convincing..

But If you love Suspense with a mix of ecchi - ness this is sure to be a manga that you might not want to miss.

Author: Hashimoto Izou
Artist: Mibu Robin
Current Status: On going
Genre(s): Action, Ecchi, Horror, Mature, Psychological, Seinen

9. Change 123

If you want don't like too much blood and suspense but can make your mind wander a little bit, then Change 123 might be the one for you..

The Leading lady has a unique sickness ( read it! ) and a master of 3 different Martial arts, while the male lead is an otaku who gets to be saved by the girl everytime.. even though.. he still gets all the girls! O_O'

 The drawing on the other side, is decent,nothing special, just right..

Not so much of a suspense but the uniqueness of the story makes you want to read it up until the end.

Author: Sakaguchi Iku
Artist: Iwasawa Ishiuri
Current Status: Completed
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Shounen

8. Corpse Party - Another Child

If your more into horror and suspense and a little bit of mind puzzling, I suggest reading Corpse Party - Another Child. This one is very creepy and I am predicting that almost all the sub character will die. O_O

Nevertheless, the drawing is convincing, decent and can bring you waiting for the next chapter and at the same time give you an eerie feeling.. >_<

Author: Kendouin Makoto
Artist: Ogata Shunsuke
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Drama, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural, Tradegy

7.  Life is Money

This one has a very simple storyline, plot and setting.but you can't be fooled by that! This manga is like watching people having being depressed and how good they suppress it. -_- '

On the other hand, the Drawing, like the others, is neat and decent, nothing special, very minimal background.. But you can really feel the characters having a really hard time and very paranoid! I_I

Author: Asaniji Teru
Artist: Yaguraba Tekka
Current Status: Completed
Genre(s): Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shounen

6. Tokyo Girls Destruction

Its like a UFC match when your reading this manga.. Left and right, all you can see is non stop fighting with macho girls all around.. lol!

Eventhough, this one will keep you reading and its excited to see the main character uses her own strength to survive in the chaotic set up she's in..

On the other hand, the drawing is nice ( Character's are still sexy ), average and just right.. X_X Be sure to check this one out..

Author: Betten Court
Artist: Betten Court
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Mystery, Psychological, School Life, Seinen, Tradegy

5. Bloody Junkie

The first thing I remembered when I was reading this manga, was when I shut myself in my room and my sister is outside waiting to kill me for eating her favorite food.. O_O the suspense is almost the same, but in the Manga, they are given weapons and are left to survive in the most unappealing place.. a maze.

The drawing, On the other hand is decent and the background, almost all bricks. >_<, even though, it still can give an eerie and exciting feeling like something might just come up and chase them.

Author: Hasumi Natsume
Artist: Hasumi Natsume
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen

4. Iris Zero

You might think, I am a sadistic person for liking all those manga, always killing and fighting which each other.. That's why, if you want something that is cute but still can make your mind think and wonder, then Iris Zero might be the one your waiting for..

Set up in a world where almost everyone can have special power, The main character, being powerless, uses his logic to solve problems and mysteries to help his friends..which makes it interesting and exciting..

The drawing is cute and very refreshing unlike those that are more into stressed and killing. O_O this one is a keeper.. :P

Author: Pro Shiki
Artist: Hotaru Takana
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School, Life, Seinen, Supernatural

3. Franken Fran

No! well yeah.. it has a little bit of ecchi-ness in it..O_O but the story is worth your time! well at first, you might be disgusted with all the gore ( stomach opening, brains coming out ) etc.. but as the story progresses, this one will keep you awake past your bedtime... P_P

The Characters are drawn nice and I was impressed by how the Artist drew the body parts etc. but still keeping it decent.. Be sure to check this one out!

Author: Pro Shiki
Artist: Hotaru Takana
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, School, Life, Seinen, Supernatural

2. Cage of Eden

Yes! top2! Cage of Eden is a worthy manga to read, if are more into suspense, action and a little bit of ecchi.. O____O

The story is about a school field trip turned survivor castaway kinda thing.. hehe, but instead of having to go thru games etc.. the students uses their wits and strength to survive and escape all the vicious entity that is lurking in the island.

Really worth reading.. :D

Author: Yamada Yoshinobu
Artist: Yamada Yoshinobu
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural


1. Liar Game

And my number 1 recommendation for a Psychological Manga goes to Liar Game

The story begins when a girl named Nao Kanzaki, a very honest person, was invited to play in the Liar Game, which is about outwitting including lying to your opponent to win! but because of her being so honest, she ends up helping her fellow opponents.. and thus the Lying Game continues.

The Drawing, is not that great, I would say 8 out of 10, but still its enough to deliver a good and appealing story.
And for me, its very exciting to see whats gonna happen next!

 Author: Kaitani Shinobu
Artist: Kaitani Shinobu
Current Status: On Going
Genre(s): Drama, Psychological, Mystery Seinen

And that concludes my TOP 10 Recommendation for a Psychological Manga.. I Hope you find these list interesting and I am open for any comments and suggestion. :D




  1. Thaks, i have what to read now...
    Life is money , Check...

  2. I am looking for a manga that's Slice of Life/Psychological, but without supernatural elements and without romance. Has much suspense and drama based on the character's psyche.

    1. Aku no Hana. There is romance, but they are all crazy. The 2 main characters don't fall in love, but there's this one obssesed chick so yeah. Its worth your time for sure. :D

  3. I am looking for a manga that's Slice of Life/Psychological, but without supernatural elements and without romance. Has much suspense and drama based on the character's psyche.

    1. Oyasumi Punpun, there might be what you consider a romance but it's not the regular stuff for sure. This manga had me in stiches reading it.

  4. I need some manga with the same gravity as works of Inio Asano.

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