Ergo Proxy


The earth is polluted and people were forced to live in a dome like district. One of the dome is called Romdeu, were robots, also known as Autoreivs and humans live together in peace, but not until a virus that infects robots was spreading which causes them to disobey humans and have a will of their own.

Re-l Mayer, a detective living in modern dome district, were assigned to investigate the case but with a sudden encounter with Vincent Law and the sudden appearance of powerful creatures, it became apparent to her that this was not an ordinary case in which she decided to dig deeper and unravel the truth about the mysteries that has been happening inside and outside the dome.


Because I was only downloading series from the internet, some of the scenes were a bit blurry, so I recommend buying an HD one. This series is great, I was surprised that I enjoyed and finished watching this, even though there were episodes that was really confusing, its like watching stein's gate but with a less cute characters and much more mature scenes kinda thing.. Overall this was a nice series.

Rating: 5 / 10 - Good


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