Memories of Matsuko - Kiraware Matsuko no Isshō


Based on a  japanese novel by Muneki Yamada, The story depicts the life of Matsuko, a normal and energetic school teacher, who was suddenly fired because she insisted of taking the blame for her student's mischief which resulted in terrible outcome in her life.

The story also tells about the story of her childhood and how she struggles to gain affection for her father who only see and care for her sick sister.

Having felt that no one would love her, she ran away from home and decided to live her life which resulted in her having relationship from various guys, who were generally troubled and made her life more complicated.


This movie is awesome! I really liked flow of the story and how the main characters changed over the years.I also liked how they incorporated the music in each scene. This movie made me laugh, sad and even a little bit stressed and certainly will make you realize the how important to hope and be positive even though everything seems to be in chaos.

Rating: 9 / 10 - Awesome


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