Dubai Mall

After work, when I was feeling a bit stressed, I decided to explore the Mall just in front of our office and boy I was in awe! I never did explore places by myself even if I want to, I didn't have a decent camera with me. So when I bought a SLR and a Nokia Lumia last month, my crave for photography came back! 

I got out of office at 5:30pm ( Dubai time ) and decided to take some picture of Burj Khalifa at Dubai Mall, since I've been here for almost a year, I didn't have a decent picture of it yet. It was a loooong walk! eventhough there was a newly constructed bridge with walkalator in it, it would take you ages if you didn't walk faster. The walk-alator was sooo slow and ven if you did walk faster you'll certainly be blocked by people just standing in the way. It was getting dark soon so I decided to take the Non-walk-alator route which surprisingly was much faster. >_<, after that it was still a long walk down to the fountain area.
At the fountain area, it was awesome! and my stress from walking just went away. I felt very tranquil and I instantly took picture. 

There were many tourist and I couldn't get a nice shot cause of the people blocking, and so, I decided to walk again in the farthest place.
and then I took these pictures...
If you are in Dubai and you are looking for some place to hang out, I recommend the back side of Dubai mall, near those tall buildings! certainly a must see.

If you have a Panorama Account please vote for my Photo's! Thank you in advance

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b.) Photo 2
c.) Photo 3
d.) Photo 4
e.) Photo 5

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