One piece film Z


A former Navy admiral, Black hand also known as Zephyr or master Z by his subordinates, has stolen the Dyna stones, a weapon of mass destruction that can rival the ancient weapons, and plans to use it to destroy all the end points which can cause great calamity throughout the sea.

On the other hand Luffy and his crew became entangled with Master Z, when they saw him floating in the ocean and chopper insisted to cure him. upon recovery, he thanked them. But after knowing that they were pirates he attacked and took Luff'y straw. Thus, the start of their battle with Master Z and uncovering the reason why he resigned as a Navy admiral and plans to destroy all pirates.


It felt like I was just watching a normal episode of it at home and this did not seem like it was a movie. Although the scenes and drawing were much sharper and cuter, specially Nami-swan! and Robin Chwan!, than the normal episodes, the story was nice but predictable. When you watch the episode after fisherman island you'll see the the subordinate of Master Z having a special appearance, which I think is great and makes you feel like it was still part of their journey. Overall, this movie is nice but is not awesome, but still if you are a One piece fan since day 1 you have to watch this!

P.S - Robin is already 30 years old!!! FTW

Rating: 6 / 10 - Average


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