Pendulum / Furiko

When I was randomly searching for upcoming manga, I came across this simple yet very meaningful short anime made by Tekken a.k.a Takefumi Kurushina and I became an instant fan!

I achieved one of my goal a year ago, and that is to graduate college and pass the board exam. After that, I've been thinking about what to do next and because of that it made me uncomfortable at night, constantly thinking of what to do next! I tried to read opinions and blogs about how to know what you want to do in your life and what might be applicable for me.. The best answer that came to me was to try everything until you find what you want. But you have to be financially stable. thus came again my problem....

When I watched the short story Pendulum, I came to realize that life is really short and that I need to sacrifice something in order to gain / achieve what I want in life. Thus my journey begins after 2 months.. returning to my own country.

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