Hagure Yuusha no Estetica


After battling with the demon king. Akatsuki Ousawa, also known as the rouge hero, went home to the real world to live a normal life, but he didn't went alone, he took with her the demon king's daughter.

after returning successfully, they were taken to a special school were all of the students were called hero and who returned from the other dimension.  In order to hide the true identity of his companion, he treated her as his sister. But as the days passes by, monsters and enemies still bother them and its up to them to stop it and uncover the reasons behind their evil actions while knowing each other int he process.


Ecchi ALERT!!, main character is a pervert but surprisingly, girls still falls for him! on the other hand, they tried to tell the story in a different setting and its like your starting from the end. Although it was a bit flat which shows to much ecchi-ness and it was like almost rated R, there were some scenes that was okay. I was also bothered about the habit of the hero, what is it? try to watch it >_<

Rating: 4 / 10 - Fine


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