Ryota Sakamoto is an unemployed 22 years old who devotes his life living in his room while playing his favorite game Btoom!. When suddenly, one day,after certain circumstances, he found himself in an island alone and with no memory of how he came there. 

Desperate to return home and bring back his memory, he scouts the island hoping to find any people but when he finally found someone, it turns out that they are in a real like game like Btoom! and their mission is to kill people and collect a certain amount of item in them for them to be released and return back to their normal lives.


I had an accident while downloading this series and I accidentally watched the 2nd episode before the first one. For me it was lucky! first episode was just boring and you can predict whats going to happen. On the other hand, the second episode up to the last, was very entertaining and it was always great to see what would the characters do to outwit their enemies. Overall, this anime is nice but can be predictable at times and story is your typical suspense - psychological anime.

Rating: 7 / 10 - Nice


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