Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun


Shizuku Mizutani, a highschool girl who only likes to study and does not care about everything, found herself delivering school notes for Haru Yoshida, one of her classmate who barely goes to school, because of certain circumstances. 

Upon delivery of the book, she saw that he was being manipulated by his so called friends by asking him for money. When she couldn't stand the situation anymore, she told him about it which in turn made him angry and drove them away. After that event, he became attracted to her and instantly confesses to her, thus the start of their complicated and weird relationship.


I felt like I was watching Kare kano.. It was your typical, two smart student who has personal problems and thus confides with each other resulting in them being together. But there was a twist! there is a chicken! >_<
The author manage to put something new but also kinda weird for me and funny. But this is not the one to watch, if your looking for something original. Character drawing looks nice though.

6 /10 - Average


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