Eden of the East


Saki Morimi had just graduated from college and is traveling to Washington D.C as part of their graduation. Wanting to see the White House she traveled there by herself only to find herself in trouble of being arrested by the police, luckily, a naked man holding only a cellphone, a gun and appearing to have lost his memory, helped him escaped, and in exchange she gave her coat to him.

When she was about to travel back, she remembered that the passport was in her coat, she quickly chased him and when the naked man, suddenly used his cellphone, he finds out that he must travel back with her  to recover his memory. Thus the start of their adventure and finding the reason why his memory was erased and knowing if there is something big behind all the mysterious events that are happening.


I wasn't really hooked at the first episode, its kinda weird and it seems like the story would be very boring. But I managed to finished the series including the 2 movies which is the continuation of the story. This show is almost all talk and thinking and sometimes made me sleepy but as the story progress it would become more interesting and any confusion that you have will be answered.

As for the character design, it is nice to look at and somewhat feels like old comic style Ghibli studio look alike. Background is nice and I can see many reference for walling. Overall, story is nice but it wasn't something that would make you want to watch more.

Rating: 6 /10 -Average


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