At some point in my life

The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, True Blood and Dexter are just one of the many series that I am currently addicted watching and I am weirdly wishing that my life would like be somewhat like similar to those plots.

Working about 8 hours per day, 5-6 days per week and an average of 24 days per month… which is about 192 hours per month plus an additional of 8- 10 hours of thank you overtime and a daily routine equals a boring life… It really was a life savior that I still have time to watch series every day, although the episodes seems to end at some point and my days would still continue, I still got away with finding new series to watch… 

I was first introduced to watching series when I got here in Dubai, my sisters were a huge fan of the Walking Dead and they would scream whenever a zombie would chase and eat some of the characters. Characters in the story would be very depressed, dirty, and hungry even though the malls were vacated they don’t seem to go there to find food, maybe because the place was used too much by other zombie movies and the writer wants to do something new. Anyway, I was watching one episode where the character saw a huge pile of money, well, because of the uselessness of it. He just burned it and made himself warm… I suddenly had the urged to wished for zombies to come alive >_<. Not that I am a sadist, or anything, but the word “must“ like in “must work” and “must earn” makes me feel like I am tied to a rope and I can’t break free.  There was a time when I always say to my sister that I wish to have zombies roaming around and even gave my opinions to the places I seem to see fit for hiding, but she would just discourage me and say I am an addict. Can’t blame her though, no normal person would wish that >_< Luckily after the season end, my “wanting to have zombies” just disappeared. 

The second series I watched was the Game of thrones, which is like a medieval –fantasy like story which is full new to me and I was like astonished when I saw the sex scenes. I guess country’s that made pornography illegal can showcase this. O_O, Well, I have no problem with that, it adds some spice to the story, LOL, anyway, watching this series, I wasn’t really like the one in Walking Dead, I didn’t even wished for it to be a reality, with so much going on, It’s still better to have zombies roaming around rather than wearing animal clothing and plan to conquer a kingdom. The good part is, there were zombie like creatures in appearing in the story which they call “undead” I think, and there were awesome dragons! In the end, season finally came and another head that was cut for me.

Days had past, we were like the character in the Walking Dead, dry and depressed, no movies to watch and we just wanted to sleep and finish the day already until one day, my sister’s husband’s friend to watch True Blood. I instantly downloaded it and all my senses were alive and my perception in Game of Thrones was pushed back! This series had too much nudity in it, I felt like I was watching a rated R movie, the only difference is that the character playing is great actor / actress which makes it decent. Aside from that, it felt like it was a parody of Twilight, you know the vampires and wolves, etc. I was glad that the writer added some unknown paranormal species to be showcased which made the story more interesting. I also liked that fact that vampires were actually afraid of daylight and was not twinkling like Edward. O_O Anyway, I put aside my wish to have zombies and replaced it with me wishing to be a vampire. For me it was awesome to live long, I could be an expert playing the piano, explore every part of the world and even finally becoming a professional singer after a century of practicing. The wished lasted for about a month after finishing the final season.

Currently, we are watching Dexter, which is a story of a person who was raised to follow a code to kill every bad people who cannot be judged by the law, the Dark defender! Kind of creepy at first but I was taken on how the main character thinks and how he lives his life but still keeping himself normal.  Thus, joking to my sister that I want to become a killer like him, which again, my sister told me I was an addict. LOL. Well not exactly a killer but the way he thinks is great and his life is exciting for me. 

Maybe I’ll go to Miami someday and be like him or maybe I'll just take a picture, who knows.

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