My top 10 song of the month of August 2013

Woah! I've been out for a long time...

been busy with a lot of things and been thinking a lot about my career, anyways! I've been hook to a lot of new songs this month and I just to share my top 10 want to listen song in particular order.

 10.) True love - by Pink

With the success of her song " Just give me a reason ", she definitely found true love by creating her new song "true love". Like the rhythm and if you watch the her official music video, her husband is also in this video which seems like a continuation of her last one. Definitely fun to listen.

9.) On my way - by Charlie Brown

First time I heard this, I was mesmerized by his voice.. soulful and the lyrics is also great and encouraging, will really wait for his next song.

8.) Everybody's change - by Taylor Swift featuring Ed. Sheeran

It was always great to listen to Taylor Swift song's once in a while.. The rhythm is just great and lyrics is not your usual.. No wonder her songs is a huge hit all over the world. Definitely a genius in writing songs!

7.) Whatever - by Cro

lol! first time I heard this.. I was really confused, I was trying to guess what was the lyrics and how did this end up in the top daily top 10.. I was also listening to this song for about 3 weeks and can't seem to understand anything except the word " Whatever ".. anyways, melody is great and very catchy makes you wanna jump. :P

6.) When I'm gone ( Cups ) - by Anna Kendrick

This song is interesting. I mean using cups as a rhythm, the singer is awesome! I was so interested in her that I googled her name and found out about her movie " Pitch Perfect ". I also saw her interview with David letterman, and boy, I was surprised by her performing acapella with only cups. Her wording is very clear and her voice sounds great and constant all throughout the entire song.

 P.S: Intro is very long in the above video but it will not be for nothing :D

5.) Summer Sadness - by Lana Del Ray

The singer's voice is really one of those that you would stop and listen!  Very unique, although this kind of voice takes time and a great lyrics to get noticed. She had been on the radio for about a while and some of her song is in the Top 10 but it wasn't catchy enough for me back then, not until I found this one. I especially like the part where she says " OMG " repetitively. Brings more out of her unique voice.

4.) Outta Nowhere - by Pitbull featuring Danny Mercer

Seems like Pitbull found a chemistry again with Danny Mercer. When I heard this song, it felt like it was Bruno Mars all over again. definitely someone to watch out for.

3.) Holy Grail - by Jay-Z Featuring Justin Timberlake

Although I'm not a great fan of rap for this song. It was really refreshing for Justin Timberlake to say the lyrics in this song! really love his part. The rap part on the other hand is also great and keeps the balance by making it not boring. A must download.

2.) We Can't Stop - by Miley Cyrus

I am not really a fan of Miley Cyrus. Infact I was surprised to see that she sang this song. I wasn't expecting it to be her. Rhythm is just awesome and unique, lyrics is also great. I hope she continues to do songs like this int he future.

P.S : I found a parody of her song in Youtube.

1.) Demons - Imagine Dragons

First time I heard their song, I became a fan and up until now, and its no wonder that this reached no.1 in some part. Great lyrics, rhythm and the lead singer's voice is really awesome. I downloaded this song and had been listening to it many times and it never gets old.

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