Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Johnny Joestar was born in a wealthy family and raised to be a true gentleman. Everything seems to be going great for him. Until one day, a man named Dio Brando came to their house and was adopted to be one of the Joestar because of a vow that his father made a long time ago. 

Little that they know, Dio is an ambitious man and secretly plans to take all of the family’s wealth by killing all of the Joestar. Luckily, Johnny uncovered his true intentions and stopped him before his father was killed. But unfortunately, Dio found a mysterious mask and when put on, turns a person into a vampire. He used it on himself and became immortal and sworn to take over the world thus, the start of Joestar family to stop Dio and uncover the mysteries surrounding the mask.


I found the story to be normal and boring at first. I saw this a month ago and wasn't interested at the first episode and did not bother to watch any longer. But when I encountered the manga, I found it the drawing to be very unique and the story was catchy. Although there were some moments that kind of make it a little over board like when some of the characters are narrating or voicing out what they think and makes is a little exaggerated. The first part of the story was also fast, it felt like I was summarizing a novel, shame, it felt like there were more to told in the first part.

Anyways, story is just right and average. 

Rating 6 /10 - Average


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