Tips to bring back your inspiration in Anime wallpaper making

Loosing inspiration or having no inspiration in the things you want to do can be quite a pain... Not only it can hinder you in making awesome things but it can also be one of those things that can stop you to grow...For me, I've been making anime wallpaper for about 3 - 4 years when I suddenly loose the will to continue, and every time I tried to start something, I never seem to finish it or I just loose interest, that is why when my inspiration went back I found my skilled to be old school or inferior to those who had been gradually continued walling.... And that is why I listed out the things that you can do for those people to not loose interest.

1.) Try to look at other works

Try to find someone or a work that you truly like and examine their work. It will bring out a lot idea and inspiration. Sometimes when you are truly inspired, you would want to create something similar or far beyond others work.

Best place to check works are minitokyo.net, deviantart.net or even youtube, when artist upload from start to finish the details of their work. A music would also be a nice combination, if your a music lover.

2.) Watch a anime series or movie

Usually, I tend to feel creating visual stuff when I watch it. I dunno why, but you kinda feel the emotion and you just want to create something from it and you can see tons of materials to use. That is why I have finished my Halcyon Days - Loving You Five Times from bleach.

The downside in watching is that after you finished the whole story, you tend to get lazy and inspiration would slowly fade away, so make sure that you do your work fast.

3.) Compete!

Nothing beats challenging yourself and winning prices just make sure that you really like the price and the theme of the contest suits you. There's ton of contest out there, you can join groups and even blog contest. Certainly it will let you have at least the drive to finish an artwork.

4.) Make a blog site

Making your own blog site might me tedious but it really is great for keeping your works. Other sites tend to close down after sometime and your work might be closed down with it. That is why its safer to make your own. Also, people coming in and out your blog will also comment if they truly like your work, you just have to have patient. I have created my blog for about 8 months now and I haven't still got any single comment on any of my post. I almost surrender, luckily, there were some who came by and praise my blog which gives hope and thus still giving me inspiration to continue doing artworks and stuff.

Also, if your blog gets popular, you might even earn some money so its worth the wait. :D

5.) Do a collaboration with your friend

I know the feeling sometimes, when you are creating an artwork and in the middle of it you just lose the will to go on, it sucks. That is why getting a partner would help. Not only you would be able to finish your work, you would be also learning new stuff and you might get inspired by his techniques.

One example of my collaboration work was with my sister Witch Pumpkin's Lair. It was just a simple wall, but it turned out okay for the both of us and we get to pass something on Halloween's day.

6.) Join a wallpaper group

I recently joined a vector group in one of my regular site and the good thing is that, every month they choose and vote from nominated candidates to be the waller of the month. Its kinda cool and it felt like stardom. I didn't get to be a waller of the month though, but I was nominated. It felt great that your work was noticed and it inspires you to make another one.

Try joining groups that suits you. 

7.) Earn revenue in your works

Like what I said when you created your own blog. If your blog becomes popular you can earn a little by applying to ad sense or other internet based advertiser that suits you. Just make sure that you follow and read their rules before applying. After that its money! and earning from doing the things that you like is more of a bonus.

8.) Listen to music when you make wallpaper

Others might not agree, but for me, I like to listen to OST from anime movie or anime series that I've watch or even listen to my favorite msuci. It might sound weird but it brings back the inspiration. One wallpaper that I made from listening to music was Every little Thing which was based from the song Everylittle thing by Dishwalla. Although it wasn't a Pokemon theme it was still inspiring. I have also listened to D gray man's - The musician and other piano stuff.  

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